Welcome to Farm Grown Market

Farm grown market is the place that connects family farms and local growers to the community they live in. Farm grown market exists to raise awareness of the local family farm and the need for the community to support them. We believe that locally grown food tastes better than supermarket food and the locally grown food is more nutritious. We want to share local growers with you, local restaurants, and wholesalers as well. We provide a technological platform unlike any other which helps local growers get their message out about what produce has most recently been harvested.

Local growers can receive a free listing on our site that includes their location and hours which is pretty important when these may change from day to day. Local growers can manage their business listing on our site with nothing more than a smart phone. They have the opportunity to create a premium listing for $99 per year which allows them to upload pictures of the "harvest of the day" and have an organic certified seal if they are an organically-certified grower.

We believe that local food tastes better. Produce that travels long distances is several days older, which allows natural sugars to turn to starches, plant cells to shrink, and loses its crisp color and flavor.

We believe that local food is more nutritious. Once harvested, produce quickly loses nutrients. Since local produce is sold right after it's picked, it retains more nutrients. Produce that's flash frozen right after harvest is much more nutritious than "fresh" produce that has been sitting in a supermarket for a week.

We believe that supporting the local farmer is a key to maintaining some semblance of small town USA. Without supporting the local farmer financially, they will disappear and we will all be forced to buy everything from one giant Mart.

Buying local produce saves energy. Most produce travels 1,500 miles before arriving on a supermarket shelf. The less energy used to move the produce, the less dependent we are on petroleum.

By getting to know the farmers who grow your food, you build understanding, trust and a connection to your neighbors & your environment. The weather, the seasons, and the science of growing food offer great lessons in nature and agriculture. Visiting local farms with children and grandchildren brings that education and appreciation to the next generation.